In recent years Andrew Squire has travelled and exhibited widely, with residencies in Iceland, Canada and Nepal. These experiences have fed into his development of a wide-ranging visual language, reflecting the complexity of human perceptions.

Squire`s deceptively simple paintings have eclectic roots, drawing variously on the elemental space & light of Western Scotland, the inner landscape of the subconscious, and iconic images of birds and beasts. Beautifully composed and making confident use of the visual silence of empty space, there is a recurring contemplative quality and stillness in the work which reaches past the here and now to something beyond.

The over-riding theme of Squire`s work is an exploration of issues of ecology and sustainability, using semi-abstract but accessible images and symbols in a simple and direct way, and moving away from anthropocentrism to a geocentric perspective. Put plainly, and despite the subtext of the last 2,500 years of Western culture, humans are not the centre of the universe, but simply a rather troublesome part of a much wider whole.


2011- Ambassador for World Land Trust

2002 Residency: Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2001 Residency: Pouch Cove Foundation, St John`s, Newfoundland

1995 Residency: Akureyri Arts Centre, Iceland

1984-03 Key Housing Association, Glasgow

1983-84 Transmission Artists Collective, Glasgow

1982-84 ASSIST Architects Co-operative, Glasgow

1972-79 Manchester University School of Architecture


2011 Thompson`s Gallery, London (solo)

2009 Thompson`s Gallery, London (solo)

2007 Thompson`s Gallery, London (solo)

2005 Thompson’s Gallery, London (3 person)

2005 Skypark, Glasgow (solo)

2004 Galleri Excentrisk , Denmark

2004 Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen

2004 Green Gallerie, Munich

2004 Baillie Gallery, London

2004 Thompson’s Gallery, London

2003 Thompson`s Gallery, London (solo)

2003 Green Gallery, Munich

2003 Courant d`Art Gallery, Paris

2002 Club Med Competition - winner (commission)

2001 Thompson`s Gallery, London (solo)

2000-01 Scotland House Exhibition, Brussels

2000 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow (solo)

1997 The Glenlivet Competition - winner (commission)

1997 Scotland on Sunday/Noble Grossart prize exhibition

1996-98 Grave Goods: Crawford Arts Centre touring exhibition

1995 Hunter & Squire, Artbank, Glasgow

1992-99 RSA, RSW, RGI annual exhibitions

1990 Glasgow DC: Drawings on Buses1993 Gallery Gram, Aalborg, Denmark (solo)

1987 Open Circle, Glasgow: German touring exhibition

1987-91 Radical Scotland, Leeds Postcards, New Statesman: cartoons

1986 Contemporary Art from Glasgow: Nürnberg, Germany

Located at 3 Seymour Place