Geoffrey Key was born in Manchester, England in 1941, and still has his home and studio in the North West of England. His early education was at Manchester`s High School of Art. In 1958 he commenced degree and postgraduate studies at the Manchester Regional College of Art, from where he gained the National Diploma of Design and the Diploma of Associateship of Manchester; the latter with distinction, leading to a postgraduate scholarship in sculpture. His academic awards include the Heywood Medal in Fine Art and the Guthrie Bond Travelling Scholarship. During his career he has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. His work features in important public, corporate and private art collections throughout the world. 

That Geoffrey Key would make his lifelong career as an artist was evident from his earliest days.  He quickly developed a keen sense of observation and focus. Since the beginning he has worked in series, on thematic lines, with each exploring the questions raised in the execution of the individual works. In this way his career forms a continuum – an ever-developing story, woven and expressed in a unique manner, in which each element forms a link in an ongoing chain. 

Commentators have sought, largely in vain, accurately to identify influences in Key’s work – any influences he has absorbed can be fairly said to have their proper place as part of his academic period of training.  Beyond that, he has built a solid career based on a fiercely guarded independence of expression and style.  The results thus far are there to be seen in the skill, strength, creativity and integrity of his paintings.