About Michael Disley

Artist Michael Disley spent much of his training in ZImbabwe learning from Shona sculptors, and in Japan picking up stonework techniques. Disley's work is characterized by a calm flow and centering balance, articulating natural motifs through stone and granite. Over 100 of the artist's sculptures have been installed publicly and privately in the UK, Europe and Japan. Disley spends much of his time in search of new materials, in order to develop and expand his skillset as an artist and stonemason. This constant pursuit has led him to places like China (sourcing granite) and the hardstone quarries of Rajasthan, India.

Artist Statement

"Over the last five years I have moved from carving sandstone to granite and marble and have travelled extensively in India and China sourcing these materials. Stemming from these trips and new materials, I have also started to work on a more intimate scale, finally putting work in to galleries for the first time in my career. My work is figurative and materials led, in that I try to celebrate the qualities of each stone for its own sake."