Born in 1928, and growing up in humble surroundings in London's East End, Sutton left school at fourteen and briefly worked in the drawing office of the Norris Warming Company, Bloomsbury before completing his national service during the Berlin Airlift.

Attending the Slade School of Arts his contemporaries there were Craigie Aitcheson, Michael Andrews and Euan Uglow.

Philip Sutton's exuberant painting's express the poetry he sees all around him. At the age of 88, he still paints and draws every day as he has throughout his life.

His work is full of bright colour, painted with a freedom and clarity reminiscent of Matisse but entirely his own. His treatment of his varied subject matter is always full of wonder, often combined with humour. The poetry of his vision is made wonderful to us by his brush, while his titles are often quotations from Shakespeare and other poets.