About Zheni Warner

Zheni Warner left Bulgaria for England in her early 20s. She obtained her degree in Fine Art Painting under the tutelage of Ed Middleditch and Derrick Greaves. She went on to teach life drawing at her alma mater for a number of years.

Warner is the daughter of well known Bulgarian painter Violeta Maslarova, widely regarded as the most painterly of Bulgarian artists. Like her mother, Zheni is known for her vibrant palettes, rhythmic style and subtle surfaces. Critics have described her work as 'having the colours of Rubens and the rhythms of Bartok... like aqueous jewels'. 

Zheni Warner's Artistic Style

Warner chooses to title her paintings with quotations from the poet she's reading at the time of the picture's execution. The artist appreciates the idea of a quoted passage's spirit marking time rather than standing in as a literal aid for the painting and its interpretation by audiences. Even the most contemplative of Zheni's paintings have a verve and excitement which reflects the artist's own zeal for life and creating.