We pride ourselves in representing and sourcing a plethora of original work by British, Scottish and international contemporary artists, and offer one of the most substantially varied collections of contemporary art in the U.K. read more Our stable ranges from well known established artists to younger emergent names, a pool which is ever expanding but never lacking in quality or workmanship. Supporting accomplished painters such as Paul Wright and Robert Kelsey across their careers, we have endeavored into the publishing realm, producing monographs such as our most recent book 'Fifteen Years' on Paul Wright's journey and works thus far (currently available at the National Portrait Gallery bookstore).

We take joy in delivering exciting and fresh exhibitions each month, as well as maintaining Thompson's traditions such as the Annual and Scottish group Exhibitions. We offer bespoke gallery or residential consultations and are happy to provide valuation advice and guidance.

Adamson, Michael
Alexander, Matthew
Barclay, Muriel
Bond, Billie
Boothman, Toby
Bridgland, Judith
Clark, Michael G.
Clarke, Terence
de Wolf, Tony
Disley, Michael
Garden, Simon
Hanna, Nael
Hazelwood-Horner, Lewis
Healey, Mike
Howard, Ken
Kelsey, Robert
Laprise, Louis
Lines, John
Longueville , James
Melegari, Carl
Newcomb, Tessa
Restrick, Michael
Roberts, Wilf
Sanders, Michael
Sawyer, David
Squire, Andrew
Stafford, Simeon
Tabor, Helen
Taylor, Elsa
Taylor, Jo
Wileman, Peter
Williams, Emma
Williams KBE RA, Sir Kyffin
Wright, Paul