Past Exhibitions:

Aug 2012 - Oct 2017 Belvoir Castle, Rutland
The Shoot Room Gallery
Permanent selection of shooting art exhibited at Belvoir Castle.

June 2014 'Stepping' (solo exhibition)
A and D Gallery, London
In the two years since my first abstract show in 2012, I started to experiment with more sophisticated processes, and definitely took more risks working with a bolder and bigger canvas size.

Sep 2012 'In Threes' (solo exhibition)
Geston Ideas Gallery, Barcelona
I moved to Barcelona for love, and I stayed for sunshine and the beach! All three things inspired the work I did there, and I felt it was a gentle exploration of my new life away from Scotland, but not quite as far away as LA. The colours and textures were the ones I saw and felt every day, and it was also the first time I exhibited totally abstract pieces.

Nov 2011 Bonhams Edinburgh (joint exhibition)
I decided to use this show to exhibit my racing and shooting pieces, as these had proven to be popular in Scotland, and lots of my commissions were coming from this geographical area. At this point I was starting to combine my love of the abstract with more traditional subjects.

Aug 2006 'Blue Sand' (solo exhibition)
Karen Lynn Gallery, Beverly Hills
This was my first show, and I had been working towards it during my time in LA up to this point. I showed twenty-two pieces in total, and they were very much inspired by the people, landscape, outdoors, and lifestyle I saw around me.

Galleries/Events I've exhibited/taken part in: The Mall Galleries, London. Queens Gallery, Dundee. Art for Youth (London/Oxford/Yorkshire). York Fine Arts, Harrogate. Mitchell Gallery, Warwick.

2004 – 2006 Fine Art
Santa Monica College

1994 – 1998 History of Art (MA)
St Andrews University